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2 days ago

Ignoring Monday and having desert instead...💕💁🏽 Tag someone who needs this! 👆🏼 #nakdfashion

1 day ago

✨My heart is everywhere✨ One thing that every traveler knows, is that after visiting each place you take a piece of it with you, and at the same manner, you leave a piece of your heart behind. Traveling is an enriching experience that can teach you about the past and lead you toward the right path. I find myself extremely lucky to have traveled to so many places, to meet different people and experience other cultures and religions. It is difficult to tell which is my favorite destination because every country, every island, every village, every place - has left a mark in my heart in different ways.

1 day ago

Too fat. Too skinny. Too tall. Too short. Too quiet. Too loud. Too clingy. Too distant. Too strict. Too lenient. Always TOO fricken something. I spent so much of my life being too something for someone. And sadly, I also spent a lot of my life trying to change who I was to make that someone happy. But guess who was never happy?! ME! The truth is, you're always going to be too much of something for someone. But they say if you can't beat em, join them, right?!? So now I'm TOO damn happy in my own skin to give a shit what the "someones" think. Don't like me? TOO BAD. Your problem, not mine ✌️

1 day ago

Darling, the night always makes room for it is lovers 💛 Hi, let me tell you about my favorite song. it is about fifteen seconds long; your voice on the other side of the phone. "you're not alone, and you're loved" you say. so, i repeat, pause and play for all the time.

1 day ago

FREESTANDING HSPU Here's a great way to use the wall to figure out how to balance free standing handstand push-ups. 1️⃣start a couple feet away from the wall 2️⃣notice how I hit my tripod - my head and hands form a triangle not a straight line this is very important 3️⃣when I opne I keep my weight in front of me - if my legs get over past my head it is very hard to balance and stay in control 4️⃣I use the wall as a guide going up and down and then try not use it all 5️⃣openjng to a nice straight handstand makes this a lot easier. If you are loose you will not be able to control the hspu 6️⃣for lots of tips and help go to coachkeithpettit.com - #gymnasty #strengthtraining #bodyweight #coreworkouts #crossfit #hspu #calisthenics #handstand #barbrothers #yoga #cfgymnastics