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1 day ago

#NatGeoInspires marvel..See that dot getting absloutely pounded by the wind? That's @ladzinski on a crash course in polar exploration in Antarctica. Head down, eardrum pounding, toe inihilating, mind crushing katabatic mayhem. I've never had so much fun getting crushed. Insta retrospective in celebration of the @natgeobook coming out tomorrow. Share your images and stories of marvel using #NatGeoInspires for a chance to be featured in the @natgeomuseum and to join a National Geographic Expedition Weekend Photography Workshop. More at link in profile. #natgeo #Antarctica #adventure #exploration #explore #expedition #snow #wind #winter #winteriscoming #ice #mountaineer #thephotosociety #onassignment

1 day ago

#Sonyalpha user @live_free_run_far took this photo of King Mountain in Alaska using a A6000. "While most night photographers will try and shoot on nights with no moon I typically like to shot when the moon is anywhere from a quarter to half full so I can get a clean foreground with a lower ISO." | A6000, 12mm, F2.0, 25 seconds, ​ISO 1200 |

19 hours ago

What is one good thing that happened to you today? If you had a bad day, maybe one good thing is that you ate food. If you had a really bad day, at least you breathed. For me, I have a few. One that I want to share is that today I went to a doctor. Normally that's not a good thing - and if you know me, you know I avoid doctors. Even when I've broken elbows and my shin and had other illnesses and injuries, I try to avoid them. But this doctor today was different. This was a holistic doctor. Instead of prejudging me or ignoring what I shared, she listen to everything I said and helped me. We talked about what I do as a teacher and some other things. At the end of my time, she had done about an hour and a half of fascia work to help my body. I really appreciated her help, especially after many doctors and physical therapists discounted my information and told me to do the same thing (like all human bodies are identical). I hugged her and told her how much I appreciated her. And as I went to pay, she told me with a wave of her hand to put away my money. She didn't charge me at all for the knowledge or help. Instead, she leaned in close to me and whispered, "Pay it forward and help others. Give them the gifts that you are blessed with." #storytelling #canonfanphoto #canonbringit

14 hours ago

Good friends, cold beers, and soft light. It's pretty fun being the only ones around to enjoy a view like this. 🍻🔥👍🏻 #GlacierNPS

3 days ago

Photo by @coryrichards. Climber @emilyaharrington high above the Black Sea. Emily is one of my favorite people. Her heart is big. Her drive is big. Her evolution is astounding. I still feel like I'm growing up with all my friends... #NatGeoInspires Marvel. Insta retrospective in celebration of the @natgeobook coming out Tuesday. Share your images and stories of marvel using #NatGeoInspires for a chance to be featured in the @natgeomuseum and more. More images + info at @coryrichards. #natgeo #climbing #rockclimbing #blacksea #adventure #thephotosociety

1 day ago

Last night was the first time I've ever seen clear purple bands of the northern light's. Wasn't the most amazing night I've seen but the purple was pretty exciting. #livefreerunfar #natgeoinspires

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